Wild Grace Vata Perfume - Calm

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Ayurvedic Essential Oil Perfume for the Vata Dosha - Calming & Grounding

The scent is composed of sweet and earthy notes of vanilla, rose & patchouli. It is a very comforting and soothing scent.

According to Ayurveda philosophy, Vata Dosha predominant individuals have a tendency to have high bursts of energy but will also quickly feel exhausted from overdoing it both physically and mentally. The dominant elements of the VATA dosha are air and ether which act as the wind: in constant movement, cold and dry. When creating this perfume we wanted to create a grounding and soothing effect to balance the airy nature of Vata. 

  • Sweet and earthy notes of vanilla, rose & patchouli.
  • Oil-based perfume (without alcohol).
  • Silky, oily and luscious.

Packaging: Superior Miron (dark violet) glass roll-on bottle with a GLASS applicator ball.

Quantity: 5mL | 0.17 oz