The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram

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The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram by Tashi Powers

This book explains both how and why every 117 years humanity is given an upgrade with a gift to help it evolve. These are discovered to be aligned with the timing of Venus and the Sun and have given us the printing press, electricity, the telephone, and now the internet. You will also learn how to find your personal Venus Pentagram 5 pointed Star, which shows your key mysterious PENTAGRAM degrees in your horoscope birth chart. You will learn why these are the fated degrees of the people with whom you will relate most deeply.

Have you always wanted to know how the cosmic clocks of the Universe affect you? This is a primer on how the Planet Venus is conspiring to shower you with blessings and how to interact consciously with those gifts so that you can become bountiful, blissful and beautiful – your birthright.

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