Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram Workbook

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Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram Workbook 2021-2022 by Tashi Powers

This astrological workbook is a companion to the author’s previous work, The Mysteries of the Venus Pentagram. It is dedicated to teaching seekers how to navigate and record their journey through the next two cycles in 2021 and 2022 of the Venus, Sun, and Moon Gates.

Both of these years include magical Pentagram Points that readers can use to greatly enhance their daily lives. They will also learn about the Venus Morning and Evening Star phases, as well as the dates of the Moon/Venus Gates.

Venus bestows incredible gifts to us all on her special alignment days, and to truly take advantage of her offerings, an attitude of gratitude will afford readers more than they ever imagined possible. Above all, this workbook serves as a guide on how to co-create with the Multi-verse. Using the wisdom of the Gates, spiritual seekers will see what is needed not only for their own best outcomes but for the Greater Good.

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