Norbulingka's Tibetan Herbal Incense for Meditation

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Norbulingka's traditional Tibetan herbal incense is specially blended from 23 ingredients, collected from their natural environments int he high Himalayan mountains.  Aside from smelling heavenly, the herbs are selected for their medicinal properties and soothing effect on the mind, uplifting the energy in any room. 

Named after the Summer residence of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa Tibet, Norbulingka Institute located in Dharamsala is dedicated to handing down tradition and restoring standards by providing training, education and employment for Tibetans. It supports an environment in which Tibetan community and family values can flourish. It reconciles the traditional creatively and respectfully with the modern, and seeks to create an international awareness of Tibetan values and their expression in art and literature.

  • 20 sticks per box