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Biodynamic Nettle Oxymel Extract, Nettle Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Nettles contain some of the highest known mineral content of any plant being. They enjoy living in wet and biodiverse humus - their roots twist and turn, relaying with all the critters below the service; one of their names are "Sister Spinster." They gather all that information below ground and produce a leaf that contains a therapeutic stinging compound; traditional Mexican healers rub handfuls of nettle on the body to promote healthy circulation.

Nettle is also considered a superfood because of its rich supply of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, D and K; calcium; potassium; phosphorous; iron; and sulphur. Its sedative and nervine properties make it an excellent support for the nervous system. From an Ayurvedic perspective, nettle serves as a nourishing and rejuvenative (rasayana) tonic, particularly for the kidneys and adrenals. The herb increases ojas (vitality). Its taste is astringent and has cooling energy; it pacifies pitta and kapha and stimulates vata. These nettles come from a very special plot of land, that held many hours of traditional and futuristic song, dance, prayer and biodynamic courtship. Please imbibe joyfully.


Usage: One dropper full as often as desired for mineral replenishment and glandular resplendence. Take it as is or add to your favorite tea.

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