Chalice Well with Shungite

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The Vesica Pisces is the symbol of the world famous Chalice Well spring set at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor. It is known for it’s renowned healing waters and is also linked to the mysteries of the Holy Grail, the Arthurian lineage and the ancient Mother Goddess. 

The two circles interlocking symbolise the coming together of the male and female energy in perfect harmony and is also the beginning of the well known Flower of Life symbol. 

Set behind is a polished disk of Shungite, a stone widely regarded as a powerful stone for healing/purifying & protecting. 

This beautiful pendant is created with 925 sterling silver and 24k gold plated highlights.

Please note chain not included.


  • Dimensions - 45mm (1.77") by 32mm (1.25")
  • Stone Cut - Polished Shugite disk
  • Metal - 925 sterling silver with 24k gold plated highlights
  • Exclusive StoneAge design

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