Fairy Cross (Staurolite)

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Staurolite, also known as Fairy Cross, is a nesosilicate mineral that naturally occurs in cross shapes (cruciform). For centuries it’s been highly valued by Christians as a talisman for good luck and protection. As a resemblance to a crucifix, Staurolite used to sit atop Church entryways in the Middle Ages. An old folklore tale about this stone ties it back to its ancient name, Fairy Stones. It was believed that once Mother Earth’s fairy’s heard of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ, they bawled tears never before seen. These sad droplets rained down on our planet and became hardened upon contact.

Staurolite activates and aligns one’s third eye, heart and root chakras together. This mineral promotes the highest version of oneself by channeling potent energy down to Earth. With your third eye being so illuminated, one is able to intersect messages and visuals coming directly from our spirit guides. If you place this stone over your forehead and allow yourself to enter a deep meditation, watch as your mind becomes imbued with new thoughts and ideas. These “visions” have an astronomical amount of weight behind them and symbolically show one the way through stressful times. Much like dreaming, this state of mind can feel distorted and may be lost shortly after your session has concluded. It's important to take action with this information and apply it towards your life.

Staurolite helps provide emotional protection and bring to light the inner strength one possesses within. Once one is able to cleanse themselves of these overstayed emotions, they can begin to tackle life again with a clear heart and mind. Continue carrying your Staurolite piece and tap into its energy field when needed. This stone is an ally for life that should be called upon during any bout of sadness, tragedy or pain.