Namchu Wangden Mandala Thangka

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The Namchu Wangden " The Tenfold Powerful One" is a symbol of great power and protection.  It contains the seed syllables for seven hundred and twenty deities.

"From the tantra, The Cycle of the Elements and Time, found within the 100,000 glorious scriptures of the indestructible, great vehicle, is this ten columns and nine letters of the Namchu Wangden, which contains the seed syllables of Enlightened Mind.  AH is the seed syllable for Yungdrung Yéwang Gyalpo, the earth deities, their body color is golden.

YANG is the seed syllable for Kündrol Yingjuk, the wind deities, and they are green in color.  
RAM is the seed syllable for Künrik Barwa, the fire deities, and they are red in color.  MANG is the seed syllable for Künjom Gyalpo, the water deities, and they are blue in color.  
KHAM is the seed syllable for Kündü Chenpo, the iron deities, and they are white in color.  
DRUM is the seed syllable for the immeasurable tent of protection, and the four nyémjé ma, and they are golden in color.  
HUNG is the seed syllable for the queens of the four times at the inner door.  At the middle door, are the four guardians.  
At the outer door, are the four fierce ones who are dark-blue in color.  
OM on the right, is the seed syllable for the grandfather of primordial, phenomenal existence, Sangpo Bumtri and the Four Families, and they are white in color.
DU on the left, is the seed syllable for the four mothers of cause and the eight Shen, and they are golden-red in color.

In brief, this symbol includes the seed syllables for the seven hundred and twenty deities of the Five Families.  It is said that the "Namchu Wangden destroys all fear"
  • Approx 28 in x 51 in
  • Hand Painted in Nepal


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