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RA MA Relics Vajrasatva Thangka - Blue Silk

Vajrasatva's name translates to Diamond Being or Thunderbolt Being. Vajrasatva is the esoteric aspect of the bodhisattva Samantabhadra and is commonly associated with the student practitioner who through the master's teachings, attains an ever-enriching subtle and rarefied grounding in their esoteric practice. In his right hand he holds close to his heart a vajra (thunderbolt), representing the active means toward enlightenment, and in his left hand beside his left hip an upturned bell (ghaṇṭā), a symbol of emptiness and the perfection of wisdom. 


  • Thangka comes framed in a traditional silk brocade border
  • Precious metal quality paint
  • Hand-painted in Tibet
  • 25x40

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