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Ayurvedic Essential Oil Perfume for the Kapha Dosha - Energizing & Stimulating 

This unique blend of essential oils denotes itself with uplifting accents of cinnamon, cardamom & jasmine essential oils. It's is both pungent & light.

According to Ayurveda philosophy, TheKapha dosha is made of the elements of earth and water which can tend to bring feelings of heaviness or stagnation when in excess. When creating this scent we wanted to combine energizing and uplifting notes to balance the heavy nature of KAPHA. 

  • A dynamic and spicy blend with notes of cinnamon,
    clove and jasmine essential oils.
  • Oil-based perfume (without alcohol).
  • Silky, oily and luscious.

Packaging: Superior Miron (dark violet) glass roll-on bottle with a GLASS applicator ball.

Quantity: 5mL | 0.17 oz


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